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Before I came to Evan, I was 68kg and without real purpose in my training. Over the 2 and a half years of working with Evan, I put on 8kg of muscle, saw myself go from strength to strength in the gym, and become a better athlete on the field. Evan helped facilitate and push me towards my goals and I cannot thank him enough for I would not be playing at the level I am today without him.


Josh Lawson

sports performance football

"I was first introduced to Evan after being placed in the Pathway to Podium (P2P) programme where he was my strength and conditioning coach. As soon as I arrived Evan was such an amazing, warm, energetic and caring guy, which made my whole gym experience so much better. His knowledge and experience in and outside the gym was overwhelmingly huge but, it was his overall passion for doing what he loved that was best.


Evan’s ability to understand and adapt is key to his success. He was able to focus each session around my life as a footballer, and my needs to succeed. I needed to be more agile, stronger, quicker, and balanced. Soon, I found that on the field when competing for challenges, I was able to win them more often. I was able to change direction more quickly, and I was slowly getting faster.


Evan is one of the best people I have ever met. He is someone who is thoroughly passionate about helping others achieve their goals and dreams, and working with him helped me in so many ways. Evan can definitely help you achieve what you’re looking for in the gym. I wish him every success for the future and give him my highest recommendation".

Sam Tawharu NZ U20 Football Representative

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"Thanks to Evan's work through strength and conditioning I was able to learn what my body needed in order to perform at the elite level. His skill, knowledge, and understanding of us as athletes helped us build on this groundwork and improve our on-field performance.

If it weren't for what Evan had taught me I wouldn't be the player I am today. Injury prevention was a key benefit from our gym sessions along with the strength I gained, which overall helped me to compete at my best for longer."

Malia Steinmetz- NZ Football Ferns

Rifle shooting athlete development

"It’s been an honour and a privilege to work with Evan, who is one of the best Strength and Conditioning coaches around. Each workout you have with him is motivational, challenging, educational and most of all, fun. His vast knowledge of anatomy and his eye for detail means he can be precise about your form for all exercises. He has a depth of knowledge not only with fitness, but in health and well-being, motivational psychology, nutrition and meditation. Evan is an incredibly easy-going, friendly and positive person, who can make any environment comfortable and welcoming. 


Evan has a wealth of experience that can be translated to any type of person. As a wheelchair user, I was very impressed by the amount of thought and careful planning he put into my workout programs. His determination and openness to explore and adapt exercises that best suited my abilities, kept me striving to do my best and also improved my overall health and well-being."

Neelam O'Neil- NZ Para-Shooting Representative


"When I first started training with Evan I thought I would be training with a normal coach doing normal boring exercises that didn’t make me excited to go to the gym. Straight away I noticed something different. I am a kayaker and I needed specific coaching in the gym in order for me to perform better on the water. I first started with two other athletes who also did kayaking at a high level. 


Eventually I was selected for the Canoe Marathon World Championships in Portugal so I trained with Evan one on one. He helped me improve physically and also worked on my mental preparation.  He was also a big help with my diet, letting me know what, when, and how much I needed to eat to maximise my performance both in the gym and on the water. I was also struggling to sleep at night so he monitored my sleep and made sure I was getting enough. He helped me in every way possible so that I was ready for my big race. 


Evan pushed me to my limits, told me I could do it, encouraged me and never let me give up. I had to do all the exercises correctly so that I wouldn't injure myself, which I never did. He even got me to like exercises that I hated at the beginning. A good example of this was deadlift, I started at 60kgs and within 5 weeks I lifted 95kgs for 5 reps, this was a huge improvement and I have Evan to thank.   


I highly recommend Evan, as he is hard working, knows exactly what he's doing, he takes his job seriously but also knows how to make it very enjoyable. I truly believe any athlete will benefit from his guidance and knowledge."


Niamh Lee- NZ Canoe Racing Rpresentative

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